Aim was to create a learning management system for schools in Sweden.Target users were students and teachers in K-12 schools of Sweden.

The problem that was identified were

  1. Schools not taking advantage of ICT.
  2. Few computers to be shared in school.
  3. Teachers still uncomfortable with PCs.
  4. Students don’t have incentive to learn

The solution that came up with

  1. žStreamline teacher’s workflow through mobile devices. eg. (smart phones – iPhones or iPad s).
  2. Minimize data entry for teachers when using devices.
  3. Keep it simple and straightforward.
  4. žFor students, create a game-inspired study plan for their mobile devices. Including goals and rewards.


LOGIN PAGE – For identity identification


1) For teacher login page I had four icons as main functions

The teacher has the option to choose the subject and grade which is he/she will be going to

a) First Icon -> Attendance

  1. Click for change status
  2. —Default value
  3. Submit to server

b) Second icon -> In my students a teacher can

  1. check status
  2. choice condition
  3. see list of students
  4. click what you want to check

Attendance will be displayed in pie charts and has three time scales

Home work checking is displayed in bar charts and has three time scales too

c) Third icon -> Examination provided three functions like comment,-1 and undo.

Default value is full score, Minus 1 points automatically
d) Fourth icon -> Contact page has information about selected student. He/She can either call or email to their parents. And one more functionality is that He/She can choose which parent to call or email to.
A student can edit his profile as or when he/she wishes to.
I gave a reward system for the students. For every correct answer they get a reward so that they can learn while playing.
and for the student exerciseAfter this exercise I found some Pro’s Cons of this:
Some Pro’s were being straightforward, minimized data entry, accessibility, visual feedback etc.
And internet connectivity, limited screen space were some cons.
Future proposals that could be developed for this app is inclusion of RSS feed and consideration for other platforms like IPAD.