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Gist- In this report the motivational reasons under which people uses Facebook in banned country ( Iran ) are found by taking a survey among the people. Another country ( India) where Facebook is not banned is also taken into consideration in the survey to use how the pattern of usage differs in each country. The recent study by Joinson (2008) where he states that “Uses & gratifications ” motivation of specific uses and the satisfaction of people gained from such uses. Due to the time limit , Joinson’s created profiles or gratifications are used to find whether the users of Facebook have the same usage habits and some uses & gratifications are moditified by adding details to better understand the participants.

The result of the survey shows that the people uses Facebook regularly inspite of its ban. The goverment has built filtering systems to stop the social media usage but the people are still accessing the Facebook using the proxy servers. There are slight difference between the countries usage pattern but the uses & gratifications are the same for both the countries. The main user gratification factors for using Facebook are social interaction , having a substitute for real life companionship, gaining a sense of belonging, finding out relevent events and information and entertaiinment. Also some gratifaction like to rise voice against government have changed in Iran due to the ban.
The study can be further improved by considering many countries and their gratications can be found to improve the design and development of social media. The study also creates awareness about the effectiveness of their filtering system.
The results and facts from this survey was :
participants’ ideas for motivation (Iran) –
  1. Availability of good privacy settings that allow me to choose whom I would like to share content with.
  2. Curiosity to know what has happened in the period of absence.
  3. Taking into consideration the fact that a large number of Iranians live abroad, I am interested to know about the quality of their living and jobs around the globe
  4. Facebook has provided a platform where people can get a feedback on their own thoughts and ideas.
Participants idea for motivation (India)-
  1. To be in touch with colleagues about work-related tasks.
  2. To learn something new on the internet.
  3. “(to) Pass time”
  4. With the kind of exposure Facebook has, its easy to be in the thick of things.
Main reasons and motivations are the same in Iran as other parts of the globe.