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Saab came up with a scenario where we had to design a situation awareness screen. The scenario was simple. A aircraft had to fly low in a valley and its job was to take a picture of house. The mountains had cone type static guns and on the ground there were high radio masts. So we had to design the situation in 3d.

We followed a approach:

  • Identify all used object and classify them
    • Static
    • Dynamic
    • Property
  • Make a scenario
    •  How many stages
    •  Which information are concerned
  • Fill the objects to the scenario

This was the hand drawn prototype we came up with


Now the over view

Pilot begins his mission

Pilot passes checkpoint

Pilot flies low

Pilot avoids low level obstacles

Pilot takes pictures

3D view

Combine view

If there is a combat from enemy

Alternate idea 


PET/CT scanners problems

In the medical informatics course I along with my group decided to take an assignment on Usability issues on health care devices. Our focus device was PET/CT.
You can find the report of our findings in the link below.

PET/CT Medical Informatics Report