I was involved in a group project in the usability course where we did usability evaluation of a polish website http://www.bubabu.pl/ . It was a newly established Polish company and they recently added English version of their website. The purpose and goal of this study was to asses the the overall effectiveness of http://www.bubabu.pl/en/index.php for different types of Users while performing basic common tasks.

We had four research questions like users navigation, finding of the product, online shopping and obstacles occurred while performing shopping.

The target group was the families with children aged between 4 to 10 or anyone who was interested to buy cool clothes.

We did perform evaluation over few weeks time. We had some interesting results.

The major conclusions we got after analysis of the data were

  • —Navigation
  • —Looking for an specific item
  • Online shopping
  • —Obstacles when performing an online shopping
  • heuristics
We ended up giving few suggestions for the company:
  • —The contrast of the colors should be changed
  • —Change the nick name into user name or login
  • After registration user name and password should be send to the email
  • —Total no of items should be specified along with the amount in the cart
  • —Links to the homepage should be clickable
  • —Update and Delete button in the cart should be recognizable
  • Message box appearing after adding the item into the cart should be changed as it doesn’t mean anything to the user